Donna Ward

PA to Dr Geeta Singh, Dr Pip Shirley and Dr Greg Phillipson

In her 36 years as a specialist medical secretary, Donna has experience in working with many of the ‘ologies’ – and the odd ‘atry’ – making her an adept and knowledgeable link between our doctors and their patients.

Since completing her AMSPAR (Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Administrators and Receptionist) Medical Secretarial course in the UK, Donna has worked in numerous speciality clinics including cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, ophthalmology, haematology, general surgery, ENT, psychiatry, gynaecology and paediatrics. All this experience with medicine and healthcare is perhaps why her quiz team’s results are so impressive!

She considers herself lucky to have worked at two globally renowned medical practices – the prestigious Harley Street in London and The Portland Hospital, a private gynaecology and paediatrics hospital. Needless to say, COGA is fortunate to have Donna’s expertise on our team. It’s a good fit for her too given she has a professional interest in gynaecological medicine as well as plenty of experience..

Those who tune into Radio Ferrymead might have unwittingly enjoyed Donna’s extracurricular interest. She volunteers at the station with her husband, where she writes and produces his show and also takes listener requests for the show “You Ask, We Play”. She loves music and enjoys going to concerts as well as travelling and exploring the world. And if you’re ever after a good book recommendation, Donna is the one to see!

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PA to Dr Geeta Singh, Dr Pip Shirley and Dr Greg Phillipson
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