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Patient education is a priority for COGA doctors. Here we regularly add information about gynaecological health and updates from our practice. 

Please note: we often refer to ‘women’s health’ for practicality. In doing so we mean those assigned female at birth, including trans and non-binary people, and other gender expressions too. Everyone is welcome at COGA.

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Recurrent miscarriages: what can be done?
Along with reaching out to family, friends, or mental health professionals to open up about such feelings, a medical investigation...
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Ovarian cancer detection
Throwing a spotlight on ovarian cancer
With symptoms that can at first be waved away as “nothing serious”, ovarian cancer can easily sneak by initial health check-ups.
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Nuts make a good snack during period cramps
The Conversation: Got period pain or cramps? What to eat and avoid, according to science
We’re learning more about food’s role in influencing inflammation in our body. So, could eating or avoiding certain foods...
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What can be done to treat urinary incontinence?
While it may seem embarrassing, urinary incontinence is a common and predominantly treatable problem affecting around 34%...
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Introducing Moana Vā
As ‘navigators of Pacific Pride’, Moana Vā will be supporting COGA to ensure our practice is a safe and inclusive space for...
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The Conversation: why the lack of knowledge about the female anatomy?
When it comes to female anatomy, there’s still a lot that many of us don’t know. A 2019 survey found that half of those questioned...
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