An estimated 10% of women suffer from endometriosis, a condition in which tissue similar to that which lines the uterus grows outside of it in areas such as the ovaries, bowel or bladder. The most common side effect is severe pain but women can also suffer from bowel and urinary issues and fertility problems if the condition is left untreated.

The definitive way to diagnose endometriosis is through a surgical procedure known as laparoscopy, which enables doctors to see the severity of the condition. This provides us with options for managing endometriosis, which we discuss in depth with our patients. These options may include pain relief, hormonal management, or as a last resort, hysterectomy. Learn more about endometriosis in the articles below.

What to talk about with your GP if you think you might have endometriosis.
Commonly causing fertility problems and pain, endometriosis affects around 1 in 10 reproductive age women....
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There’s a high chance that women surgically diagnosed with endometriosis will leave the workforce.
"Endometriosis is not just a medical issue."
Recently published research shows there’s a high chance that women surgically diagnosed with endometriosis...
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What does endometriosis feel like?
Endometriosis has come into the spotlight in recent years, in part thanks to the writings of actress...
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