We perform a wide range of investigations in our practice which may then lead onto surgical management to resolve the outstanding symptoms.

Smear Abnormalities

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Smear Abnormalities

  • Colposcopy

  • Biopsy

  • HPV

  • Lletz

Approximately 90% of smear tests in New Zealand are normal. When a smear is abnormal a careful examination of the cervix to identify where the abnormal cells lie is undertaken (Colposcopy). At the same time the severity of these cell changes can be assessed.

Colposcopy takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes and does not require an anaesthetic. A nurse will be with you throughout the procedure and you should feel free to bring a partner or support person to be with you.

Results of any investigations undertaken at this time (smear, biopsy or virus testing) will be conveyed to you as soon as they become available. While biopsy results are often available within three to four working days, cervical smear and virus (HPV; Human Papilloma Virus) testing may take up to three weeks.

If treatment is indicated for the presence of pre cancerous cells then the surgery will usually be performed as a Lletz biopsy. If this is a minor lesion the procedure may be well tolerated under a local anaesthetic in the rooms or alternatively it may be more appropriate to offer a light general anaesthetic where you are admitted and discharged from hospital over a four hour interval. Such a procedure is often referred to as "day patient surgery". Lletz takes 10 - 15 minutes to perform.

Your surgeon will always bear in mind your preferences regarding anaesthetic and you should never feel nervous requesting a day patient light general anaesthetic if you feel in any way anxious about a local anaesthetic procedure.

After surgery we will arrange for follow up visits at our rooms.